TB-303 Love and Joris Voorn

Classic Acid Pt.2

P-F 10/10

Some FAQ on TB-303


Tadao Kikumoto designed the Roland TR-909  as well as the Roland TB-303 .

Roland released the TB-303 in 1981.

The TB-303 was discontinued in 1984 a considered to be a commercial failure.

You can purchase a Roland TB-303 for $2,500 USD and up on Reverb.

The TB-303 is a foundation in Techno and House Music

The TB stands for “Transistorized Bass”.

In 1987 Phuture released Acid Trax, a release which kicked off the defining sound for a genre.

The TB-303 is a monosynth.

Check out this documentary on the Roland TB-303.




It has been a week since Joris Voorn uploaded the sequel part 2 of Joris Voorn Vinyl DJ Mix | Classic Acid Pt. 1. You can read the Post-Fader article highlighting it here: TB-303 Love & Joris Voorn Vinyl DJ Mix (post-fader.com)

Dutch producer / DJ Joris Voorn lit up YouTube once again and the feedback and thumbs up have been overwhelmingly positive.  It seems like this video will continue to push huge numbers and keep climbing.



The trip down memory lane continues with a heavy hitting selection of tracks fully listed and linked in the video’s description. The intro showcasing Joris Voorn programming a Roland TB-303 to start of the set instantly pulls you in for a flawless DJ set performing top dancefloor hits with the infamous acid house sound.  We are eagerly awaiting Part 3, the anticipation to see how far this will go is alive.  TB-303 Love and Joris Voorn is awesome.

The next few links will take you to webpages dedicated to the history of Acid House Music, the third being a link to book which happens to be on the list to check out.

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