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About Us: POST-FADER is a 24/7, independent and unsigned listener supported radio station. We are veteran owned and ran by a family of musicians who are passionate about music. We love to help artists share their work with the world. We offer marketing and support on websites, audio broadcasts, and articles in a way that preserves the artist’s creativity.

We offer Artist Page web hosting, pro access to our platform accounts, vinyl compilations, cassette tape mastering and organization and presentation for merchandise and social media. We provide design support, ordering, payments, and shipping for positive, independent, writers and artists.  

You can click “LISTEN NOW” and enjoy POST-FADER RADIO!

Our support/donate page is where you can easily help us reach or goals faster.  With just a few clicks we will be able to play more of what you want to hear.  We have access to multiple commercial libraries and are fully licensed to play the music you want to listen to. If it is not in the libraries, we will add it to our own. 

There are several upgrades wrapping up so please stay tuned and follow!  Thank you to our supporters and partners and that means you!

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Do you have music on Bandcamp? Want us to play your tunes? You can give us a “YUM” code where can find your music to play on our radio. Send your YUM Code and in your message type a short waiver letting us know you grant us permission to broadcast your song, you can include terms such as no reselling. We just want to broadcast and share your song if we like it and will always assume permission is only to stream your song on the radio stream on the https://postfader.com website. 

To submit your song using your Bandcamp YUM Code click the button just below here.



For more information about YUM Codes on Bandcamp visit: Track/album code tutorial – Bandcamp Help Center

So, let’s find out more about you, play your music and keep working. #studiolife


– Post-Fader

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submitting Your Masterpiece

if you share it, they will dance

Post-Fader Radio supports underground, independent and unsigned artists. follow these guidelines to submit your music:

  • FORMAT-Make sure your MP3 files are high bitrate (320kb stereo, 44.1khz). No WAV/AIFF/FLAC files. Create and Input your Metadata. Make sure your artist name and track names are correct. Include the album name where available, otherwise put (Single). Put your website and email address in the comments field. Set the Genre to be something that best describes your music.
  • UPLOAD-submit Electronic (Digital) tracks, please use a service like Google Drive or Dropbox.  Upload a folder with your music, and then “share Dropbox link” emailed to the addresses below.
  • SHARE-Please submit a single folder! Name the folder with your artists/band name. Include a text file with your bio, where your music is for sale or downloaded.  Include a message with 5 things about yourself and 5 things about the scene and/or where you want it to go and we will include you in our, “5/5 Interview Series”.


Our staff are also artists, in some cases they rely on support from people like you.


Ted Fader

Station Manager USA

Working so hard so POST-FADER can hire employees!


Taro “Bean Sprout” Tsutsui

Station Manager Japan

Working very hard in the Studio writing tunes.


This could me you


We are currently recruiting.


This could be you


We are currently recruiting.

More than just a radio

Dance into the Future

Who is up and coming? Where are the hottest events and destinations?

  • Artists- We offer detailed interviews, remixes, photos, contact information, and upcoming performances of artists that you listen to here.
  • Events- Our website feature news and reviews of past and present dance and industry music events.
  • Travel- Our site allows you to find out what travel options artists recommend and why.  With POST-FADER RADIO, you’ll never miss travel deal or package that we feel is amazing.

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